Saturday, May 26, 2012

                                                                   Good Blues.

On a hot, sunshiny day today in Clarke County, there was a lovely event to give to, learn about, and celebrate our wild animal brethren.  Over a hundred people, I think,  came out to join us...and gave two truckloads of supplies and a generous infusion of cash.  And I can now say US with full devotion - heart, mind, focus, and employ.  To be part of the advocation for the amazing creatures that share this world with us and depend on our respect, love, and care is a charge I am honored with beyond measure and words.

                                        Belinda releasing a juvenile red-tailed hawk, found caught in
                                         a steel trap and who lost a toe (and talon) as a result.  But, after care,
                                          this beautiful bird flew into the woods with another chance - 
                                                     and full vim and vigor.  She was ready to go!

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