Thursday, May 17, 2012

                                            A barred owl I named Eva, for my grandmother,
                                            released by BRWC at my house in summer 2010.  
                                            I like to think it's her I now hear hoooing in the woods.

Today marked a public saying goodbye to my work life of seven years and further nudging into my new one.  An e-paper article about it hit the web this morning and tonight about 20 people gathered at my boss's lovely home to celebrate the occasion.  Many friends saw the article and sent e-mails or 'Facebook love.'

My future boss was at the gathering tonight and I find her to be one of the most interesting, calmly passionate, humble, and delightful people to be around, just like her father.  She is a model of what I respect and admire, as were all the people I was surrounded by tonight.  I am so blessed.

"EVERYONE loves wildlife!" one dinner guest (of the so-called choir) exclaimed, suggesting it should be easy to get this message - and money - across the table.  Wellll, not everyone.  Some people hit animals on the road intentionally.  Some shoot them because they are "a nuisance."  Some do not see suffering.  Some are careless.  Most of us need a lot of education and always a bit more compassion.

In midst of the flurry of excitement, encouragement, and confidence, I am humbled with the reality of the challenge, frustration, heartbreak, unending patience, and dedication that lie ahead.  I have been preparing for this, and now it's here.  But it will only be in the doing, the day to day disappointments and triumphs, the long hours, the pushing of intellectual and emotional boundaries that will reap these seeds of possibility.

In love, gratitude, and respect-

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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful...big tears rolling down my cheeks at the magical moment of this day for you. I love you!